Integral Components Of Any Type Of Essay You Can't Ignore

There are many integral parts to essays that simple cannot go overlooked. If ignored, these can lead to a severe reduction in your final mark, even if the actual content of your work is immaculate. As such, it is very much worth your time to take heed of the integral components of paper writing, and if you do that, you will succeed in your work.


The structure is perhaps the most important aspect of your paper. No matter the quality of your content, if your structure is jumbled up and all over the place you are bound to fail. Avoid this disappointment by having an easy to follow structure to your work. We highly recommend that your writing follow this structure:

  • Introduction: This paragraph describes what your paper will be about. Since students really only know how their paper pans out after they have finished writing, many leave the introduction as the last component to write for their work.
  • Main Body: These paragraphs form the crux of your writing. Here, you will present your evidence for your point and/or perform your analysis.
  • Conclusion: This is a summary of all that has been discussed during the course of your writing. Since it is the final part of your paper that your reader will see, make sure to reinforce the main aspects of your paper.


This is a very important part of your work that you must ensure is done properly. You will, of course, have many points to make during the course of your writing, and you need to ensure that you transition from one point to the other smoothly and logically, so your reader can follow your ideas.

Your reader needs to be able to easily follow your line of argument, from one point to the next. Good transitioning tremendously helps in understanding your writing.


Often ignore by students, but editing is extremely important to essay writing. Once you have finished your paper, you need to redraft and keep redrafting until you are satisfied with your writing.

No matter how proficient of a typist you may feel you are, you are bound to make numerous punctuation and grammar mistakes amongst the thousands of words you will have written. Failure to edit can seriously hamper your final mark.

If you integrate these vital components of essay writing into your work, then you will find much success in your paper writing endeavors.