Acute topics for Opinion essay writing

What is the characteristic of the best essay writing topics? There are basic standards that a good essay topic should have. The essay head should clearly state the opinion for your essay. Coming up with an acute subject for your easy may not be simple to many. It can be a mind-blowing task to many, including the season writers.

An excellent essay depends on the topic you choose. People will get attracted to your article by looking at the subject. Your essay head should be clear and easy to read. Teachers may provide direction on what to how to select your topic. Sometimes you may be directed to choose your topic and generate an essay.

What do you do when you cannot find an acute topic for your essay? That should not be the end of your essay writing. Below is the list of short headings for your paper. Go through the list and find some tips on what a good topic for essay writing.

  • There is a need to raise the age for alcohol consumption. How do you agree with this statement?
  • Modernity is a threat to children’s development. How accurate is this statement?
  • Children should get punishment and rewards for their evil and ethical behavior, respectively. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?
  • Older adults can find something to learn from the younger generation. Is such a statement true or false?
  • Your city situation should be looked into by the mayor. What do you think should change?
  • There should be a specific situation for application for Military forces. What is your take on this statement?
  • The country is not in the right direction. Is that true?
  • The current Judicial system does not treat the rich and poor with equality. Do you agree with the statement?
  • Wealthy individuals should pay more taxes to contribute to the country’s economy. How do you agree to such a statement?
  • The death penalty should only apply to specific situations. What is your take to such a statement?
  • There is a lot of controversies on the sports betting attitude. Do you find such a statement true or false?
  • Compromising is a weakness sign. How do you agree with the statement?
  • Schools are not encouraging creativity among learners. Are you agreeing or disagreeing with such a statement?
  • Exams are not the best way of evaluating ‘students’ performance. Are you agreeing or disagreeing with these assumptions?
  • School days should be longer than usual. What is your opinion on this statement?
  • Your leaning institution is using an illegal method of punishing offensive students. What is the best disciplinary action do you recommend?
  • There should be a change in the school math teaching curriculum. Suggest another possible method of teaching mathematics.
  • Technology creates a lonely environment. How do you agree or disagree with this statement?
  • Smoking is a significant challenge to young adults .is the statement true or false?
  • People are no longer paying attention to one another. Is it real or false?
  • People should avoid complaining and face their challenges directly. Is this statement true or false?
  • Working hard is more beneficial than mere talent. Is the information accurate or false?

The list contains may topics that can give you direction on what to write. You can directly pick the subject and make a write-up. You don’t get limited by the list. The sample topics can give you direction on how to structure your acute topic sentence and produce the best essay. Your interests should also guide you on picking the best theme. You will find it easy to create an excellent article on an acute topic in your areas of interest. The above list of sample topics should, therefore, guide you on the way forward.